KnoxFS Whitepaper


The notes within this Whitepaper publication are intended to formally document the concepts, vision, and features of the KnoxFS project and it's coin and token (KFX and wKFX). This document will explain in a methodical manner, the details of KnoxFS currency, its project structure, purpose and its use case. Before downloading any of the KnoxFS wallets and purchasing the coin or token, we urge people to thoroughly read through and understand this document in its entirety. It is important to note that KnoxFS is NOT a security-based coin nor are there any guarantees or promises relating to the increase or decrease in value of the coin over any period of time. The KFX coin or wKFX token should be purchased solely at the discretion of the purchaser and any technology outlined in this document is primarily experimental and does not bring with it any guarantees or certainties regarding operation and intended purpose. We hope you enjoy the KFX Whitepaper, and if you have any questions concerning it, please join our Discord or Telegram channel or simply email us at

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