About KnoxFS

Brief history about KnoxFS, when the project was founded and how it evolved.
KnoxFS was founded back in 2018 by two developers who named the project Aegeus (AEG). The founders aimed to develop a decentralized file storage network comparable to Filecoin. Although AEG was very popular amongst masternode investors, the founders were not able to deliver a final product other than a very minimal beta version. The project ran out of budget and the market turned. Renaming the project to KnoxFS (KFX) did not result in a succesfull fundraise and the founders then deviced to abandon the project. The remaining teammembers stepped forward and took over the project. By that time Filecoin, backed by millions in funding, had already released their product and other projects such as Sia and Storj, were also far ahead. It was no longer realistic to develop yet another decentralized filestorage solution. However, there were still very few actual products that enabled users to store their file on a decentralized network with the same ease as for instance Dropbox.com or Google Drive. The KnoxFS team decided to make a pivot; no longer would they try to develop a storage network, but the new focuss was to develop a Dropbox-like product that would utilize the available decentralized storage networks (from Filecoin, Sia or Storj). Although a proof-of-concept was quickly released, enabling users to store files on Sia, it turned out to be too complex and too expensive to continue with that solution. A breakthrough was achieved in 2023 when of the teammembers acquired an 'off the shelf' filestorage platform; Filestreams.com The product itself had almost all the desired features, but lacked the possibility to store files decentralized, nor did it support crypto tokens. The team soon managed to implement IPFS and Storj storage and also found a way to integrate KFX token payments and earning. Although the platform is still actively being developed, Filestreams is the first product in what should become a large portfolio of software products all related to decentralized storage, data security, backup and data privacy. We continue to develop our own products, but also invite other product owners to embrace KnoxFS and implement the KFX tokens into their products.
This year we expect to add multiple other software products to our portfolio and by doing so, we will be able to reach tens of thousands of users and introduce KFX to them.
To this date, KnoxFS is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) without a corporate structure or management. The project is fully community driven and led by a group of voluntary teammembers. KnoxFS did not receive any funding, nor did it do an ICO in the past. Moving forward, an important goal in 2024 is to raise funding and grow the project more quickly.